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Food and Pharmaceutical applications

In our high purity production facility, natural fibres are extracted and treated, under a HACCP regime, for use in the Food and Pharmaceutical industries. These fibres are subject to strict quality control, from the raw material stage, through various treatment processes, to the final finished product.


Food industries

In the Food Industry our natural fibres are used in Bakery goods,snacks,spices,sausages, cheese, and diet drinks,

adding some of the following functions and properties

to the finished product:

  • Fortification with dietary fibres.
  • Neutral taste, odour and colour
  • High water binding capacity (WBC)
  • Filling and thickening
  • Extension of shelf life
  • Beneficial digestive effect
  • Filter aid

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries

In these industries, our natural fibres contribute the following functions and properties:

  • Active substance carrier
  • Binder
  • Modifier
  • Filler
  • Substrate and active substance carrier in enzyme production


Petfood and Animal feed

Our natural fibres contribute towards optimal and balanced nutrition for pets and livestock, and add the following functions and properties:

  • Fortification of dietary fibres
  • Lowering of calorific value.
  • Beneficial effect on the digestive tract